Successful Flies

The two flies I had the most success with in the last Trout Season were related although one was a tungsten beaded nymph and the other a klink style dry.
The nymph evolved from the Flash Back Pheasant Tail Nymph and the dry evolved from the new nymph. When you fish a water constantly year in year out practicing catch and release, the fish get wise to your offerings, especially the larger fish which you tend to target anyway. Having fished quite a few seasons with the Flash Back PTN very successfully, the season before last I came up with a Quill bodied nymph which worked but was time consuming to tie, so this last season HT came up with the Black Flash Back, quick and easy to tie and a brilliant fish catcher.
Black Flash Back Nymph

Hook: Size 14 Fulling Mill Barbless Nymph or size 15 Tiemco 103BL
Bead: Original was a gold bead – I have used black here, they both work
Thread: Black
Thorax: Black dubbing, here I have mixed in a small amount of pink UV dubbing.
Body: Black Flexi Floss
Rib: Copper Wire
Flash Back: UTC Mirage, also forms the tail
Rib: Copper Wire

It’s the Flexi Floss that makes this nymph, you can control the taper by the amount of pressure you put on it, it sinks, which helps it get down in the water quickly.

With the Black Para Midge, it is also the Flexi Floss that helps get the body under the surface film quickly, this fly is fishing at the right attitude the moment it lands on the water, which can be a problem with dubbed bodies especially if you get floatant on them.
Black Para MidgeHook: Size 12 to 18 Tiemco 2499SPBL or 13 to 19 Tiemco 212Y
Thread: Black
Body: Black Flexi Floss
Post: Tiemco Aero Dry Wing Med Dun
Hackle: Metz Cock Grizzle
Thorax: Black dubbing with just a hint of UV mixed in

Both these flies are open to experiments with different colours, I’m already trying transparent light olive over yellow fluro floss – it looks good so far.

All the hooks and materials are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK


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