A fly for pools

The F Fly or CDC Emerging Sedge
All materials have been chosen for their floating capabilities – as you should NEVER GINK CDC – That said, it is a fly for late summer when small dark sedges are about. It should be used in pools and flat glides with a well de-greased leader – It won’t last 5 seconds in a fast run, but will sit right in the surface in flat water.

Hook: Fulling Mill All Purpose Light Barbles
Size: 16 – 20
Thread: Sheer Black
Butt: Orange polypropylene
Body: Muskrat under-fur
Thorax: Natural CDC
Wing: Natural CDC

Take the thread down shank, at the butt take in orange polypropylene, make a small butt. Dub a thin body with muskrat under-fur back up 2/3 the hook shank.
Take 2-3 tips of CDC and align their tips with end of shank. Tie in above body. Trim waste.
Take one waste hackle and strip the flue from both sides and tie this in as an overwing. Trim to length of wing. Take flue from second waste hackle and use as dubbing to form a short thorax. Leave straggly and whip finish.


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