DNA Fly Tying Materials

Three new DNA synthetic fly tying materials providing flash, movement and colour to saltwater and baitfish flies as well as highly effective materials to include when tying dry flies and nymph patters.

DNA Frosty Fish FibreDNA Frosty Fish Fibre

A superb synthetic fibre for fly tying, perfect for baitfish patterns. It can also be used for wings on dry flies and tails, shucks etc. DNA Frosty Fish Fibre is a translucent fibre that changes colour depending on how the light hits it. The material gives the fly plenty of movement and it is the key material in Oz’s livebait fly.
Available in 19 colours. £3.25 inc VAT

DNA Holo FusionDNA Holo Fusion

DNA Holo Fusion is a mixture of Holo Chromosome flash and other DNA fibres. This synthetic fibre provides just the right amount of flash to give a lifelike shimmer without too much dazzling glare. It is gives the fly great mobility, making it a perfect fibre for bait fish patterns. You can also incorporate it with other DNA fibres to create your own superb effects.
Available in 18 colours. £3.95 inc VAT

DNA Holo Chromosome Flash DNA Holo Chromosome Flash

This is perfect for when you want to tie ultra flashy flies. The flash material delivers superb effects when tied in with other DNA fibres to create a highly effective inner flash.
White Pearl. £3.75 inc VAT



You can buy the complete rage of these DNA Fly Tying Materials from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK